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There’s a “tear-iffic” new magic trick that’s a “fold” above the others! In fact, your audience will be “creasing” themselves with laughter because of Chad Long’s PREDICT-O-GAMI!


An origami picture is selected for the magician to psychically divine with a sheet of paper. However, instead of revealing the image, it ends with a funny twist they WILL NOT PREDICT!



Praise for Predict-O-Gami


“As a serious student of Japanese culture, I approached watching Chad Long's Predic-O-Gami with deep interest. What I encountered made me laugh out loud. And now I must commit seppuku."
Max Maven


“Predict-O-Gami by Chad Long is as original, clever, and hilarious as it’s creator.
A disarming, off beat moment of magic that let’s your audience know they're in good hands.”
Derek Hughes


“Chad Long is one of the most devious magicians performing today. Having had the pleasure of watching him perform for real people, I can honestly say his approach to magic is in a league very few will ever reach. That’s why, whenever he does share something, you should do yourself the service of devouring it. When Chad performed this piece for me, I went from feeling bad for him to hating him all in the space of 10 seconds. That’s how awesome this is. The theme, the construction and the payoff are simply brilliant. With this routine and Chad’s thinking, you’re about to add an absolute gem to your arsenal.”
Colin Cloud

"Chad Long knows how to formulate entertainment, and Predict-O-Gami is a perfect combination of ingredients."
David Regal


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